Why Automated Marketing Systems Kick

Automated marketing systems are bringing about a total shift in the way Internet marketing for online business is being handled, and it totally rocks!

Never in history have lead generation marketing and product sales been so simple and effective. This will ultimately change the face of the network marketing industry and yes, it kicks butt!

Presently, less than 1% of mlm representatives are using automated marketing systems. While millions of despondent reps are dropping out of the industry like flies, the few that have become proficient using marketing information systems are flourishing, blowing past their uplines with exceptional ease.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating any type of “get rich quick” plan, because there’s no such thing. Automated marketing systems must be mastered, which requires quite a bit of time and effort. Once the initial learning curve is behind you though, lead generation marketing and automated sales become highly profitable and effective.

Automated Marketing Systems, defined

Automated marketing systems, as it relates to the home business industry, offer a “business in a box” approach to operating an mlm business.

Personally, I’ve been in the network marketing industry for several years, and had become frustrated, depressed, and humiliated by my exceptionally poor results. People were getting sick of listening to me talk about my products and business opportunity, and I was getting sick of them being sick of me. Still, I plugged on – always believing in my eminent success.

Problem was that no matter what business I chose to operate, I was continually being taught the same ineffective methods for lead generation marketing and product sales. I never felt comfortable “pitching” my family and friends; it was like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

Finally I decided to stop the insanity (you know, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results) – and analyzed my situation. I realized a few things;

There were millions if not billions of people who were searching for a way to improve their dismal financial circumstances
What I had to offer – low cost, low risk business with great income potential – was the key that would unlock the prison doors for many of these people
These would-be entrepreneurs were going online to find solutions

I started to research different methods to connect with these people who were looking for me. This is where I discovered the beauty of automated marketing systems.

I spent a considerable amount of time and money looking at various automated marketing systems and comparing what each had to offer. Finally I found what I consider to be the best Internet marketing system in the world, and have begun to use it with great success. This “business in a box” approach, created by Mr. Jonathan Budd, delivers much more value, functionality, and income opportunity than any of the other automated marketing systems on the Internet. Some of the features of the system include:

Lead capture and sales web pages – ready to be customized with your personal information
Personal branding – the ultimate automated marketing systems, once fully customized, will brand the user rather than the person who created the system
Software and tools – will help you drive traffic to your sites
Freebies – items of very high value, provided for you to give away to your website visitors in return for their names and email addresses
Email Campaigns – professionally written messages created to be used in autoresponder campaigns, to develop ongoing relationships with subscribers
Complete, ongoing training – videos, webinars, conference calls, and archives of past trainings
Community forums – members communicate and form alliances that often become mutually beneficial business partnerships
Lead generation marketing database – many automated marketing systems capture leads for the system manager; one thing that makes the MLM program the best internet marketing system is that it delivers lead generation marketing results (the names and information of people who have opted in) to you, the affiliate
Support – customer support is readily available, and member forums are a great place to seek solutions
Tracking statistics – returning visitor stats for each campaign being run
Test Drive – others can test drive the system for a full week
An affiliate marketing program – designed to return profits, whether your lead generation marketing results in new business recruits or not

This last item can be priceless, and is based on an idea called the “reverse funnel approach”. This is how it works:

Article marketing, social media sites, or websites are used to attract visitors to the automated marketing systems. Due to the customizable nature of the marketing information systems and lead capture sites being used, these will be highly targeted candidates (people who are interested in using the Internet to work from home) or potential customers.

The automated marketing systems capture page will offer incredibly valuable “freebies”, in return for their name and email information. If you’d like, you can request additional information such as phone number. The goal is to provide free strategies so your visitors can begin using internet marketing for online business, or learn some effective strategies that they can use once they become affiliated with an mlm company. The MLM Mastermind system provides not only the lead capture pages for you to use and customize, but also valuable freebies that you can offer to your visitors.

The visitor’s information is captured and provided to you via an autoresponder (a mandatory tool used for all automated marketing systems). The autoresponder will continue to send information to your visitor on auto-pilot. Using this technique, you’ll build a large list of potential business partners and customers over time.

Essentially you’ve completed a highly targeted lead generation marketing campaign. Every person who has opted in to receive your information is a potential business partner!

Now, for the pure genius of the “reverse funnel approach”. From the list of leads you’ve collected, there may be only a small percentage of people who’ll be interested in joining your business. BUT, a large percentage of them will purchase products from your affiliate marketing program. Some may even join the system, which will pay you residual dollars for as long as they are enrolled.

In conclusion, automated marketing systems provide lead generation marketing strategies, training techniques that will help you to succeed in internet marketing for online business, and affiliate commissions – even on leads that don’t partner with you in business. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

If you’d like to test drive the system for a full week you can get it here. And please let me know how I can help you to create the life of your dreams!.

What Is Twitter Spam and Why Are So Many Tweeters Using It?

As the social media site Twitter reaches unprecedented popularity, it’s become commonplace to see Twitter spam everywhere.

What is Twitter Spam? Simple….it’s uninvited and unwanted solicitation used by online marketers who don’t have a clue how to run their businesses.

I’m there almost every day, and I can vouch for the fact that spam on Twitter is widespread! To illustrate this point I just went over to my Twitter account and found this great example on the very first page: “In this business you can make so much money it’s unbelievable all you have to do is try!” – followed by a website ink which I don’t care to repeat…..

Countless marketers are choosing to spam followers on Twitter. It may bring them some quick revenues but it makes for very bad business practice, and can result in being banned from the site.

If you’re new to internet marketing you should know that Twitter is one of the ultimate resources for developing a successful business. Not only is it a free method that can drive traffic to your website on autopilot, but it’s an incredible tool for connecting with potential customers and business partners.

And, it’s viral. Others can retweet your information to their own followers with the click of a mouse, giving you enormous exposure potential!

But there’s a right and a wrong way to use it and trust me, posting spam on Twitter is the latter of the two! So, how can you use this incredible resource to build your business?

You want to be a respected business person who attracts others through offering value and assistance. And yes, you can use Twitter to accomplish that goal. The secret? It’s all about building relationships and giving to others.

Once people get to know and like you, they’ll want to learn more about you. It’s at that point that they’ll take the time to check out your profile page and very possibly the links that you’ve displayed on your page. Others may become beloved friends that you’ll develop a close relationship with over time.

Some of the ways to develop relationships with fellow tweeters include:

Post inspirational or humorous quotes
Send out links to videos that others may enjoy
Retweet great content that others have provided
Provide free, valuable information
Compliment others, but only if you mean what you’re saying
Give reviews on books, movies, etc.
Use the 90/10 rule – provide 90% valuable content and 10% (discreet) promotion

If you’re thinking, “it sounds like every other kind of relationship”, then you get it. Congratulations, you’re on your way to dominating the Twitter scene!

OK, so now you clearly know to never post spam on Twitter, and you have some ideas about creating valuable content. Keeping these basics in mind you’re ready to learn some of the ins and outs of Twitter marketing!

How to Use Social Media for Business Success

I recently met someone on Twitter that had just started tweeting, and didn’t really “get it”. She had heard that Twitter was a great marketing tool but didn’t know how to use social media for business success. After I helped her out she suggested I share the info with others – so here it is.

These theories can be applied not only to Twitter but to any of the social media sites, the most popular being Twitter and Facebook.

We all know that successful businesses are built on relationships. Rather than forming relationships with people that they meet face to face, online marketers learn how to use social media for business purposes. They focus on meeting and interacting with others through befriending them online, opening the doors for future (and subtle) social media advertising.

This method has become incredibly popular and effective. Not only does it afford business owners a method to contact massive numbers of people, but it also offers the opportunity to reach out to a targeted market. And social media advertising is free!

The concept is based on forming relationships, which is where the majority of marketers go wrong. Rather than befriend others, they embark on annoying social media advertising campaigns before even attempting to get to know others – basically spamming massive numbers of people in the hopes of attracting a small percentage (more on this in “What is Twitter Spam, and Why are So Many Tweeters Using It?) Anyways…this is NOT how to use social media for business success!

So, my new Twitter friend basically wanted to know how to meet people on Twitter and ultimately use social media advertising to draw them to her opportunity or products. She’s in Arbonne, which is a health and wellness company that offers a large line of botanically based products, including anti aging skin care. Based on her situation and the fact that team building was her top priority, these are the suggestions I gave her on how to use social media for business (using Twitter as an example):

Create a personalized Twitter page, using words such as work from home, network marketing and Arbonne in her bio and providing a link to her Arbonne website (a blog is a better choice, but she didn’t have one).

Use software that will automatically follow new Tweeters who follow her, and include a personalized message.

Identify her target market – for example women who would make good candidates as business partners.

Begin to follow others who are in her target market group. One way of doing this is to identify a Tweeter that is likely to attract these people (one who already knows how to use social media for business, for example an internet marketing guru), and follow their followers. Another method is to use a website that enables her to follow others based on a list of 3 keywords. In the beginning the recommended number of people to add to a follow list is around 100 per day (increase as the following grows).

Include a friendly, introductory message with her friend requests. Most people, those who haven’t learned how to use social media for business success, haven’t figured out this one crucial step that must be taken for effective social media advertising.

Many will follow her back. Those who do not can be deleted once or twice a week.

As her list of followers continues to grow, she’ll begin to receive a lot of spam, which should be disregarded. There will also be followers who will indicate common interests or a desire for something she can offer. These are the people who will be candidates for social media advertising – but not until there’s a relationship.

Have I said never spam? Never spam. Identify followers who may be open to developing an online friendship, and begin to get to know them. Check out the links they have on their home pages, and they will do the same for you.

The best place to send others to is your blog. Here they can really get to know the real you and will realize that you’re a leader who has a great deal of value to offer. If you don’t have a blog the second best choice is your business website.

By using this friendly, non-intrusive approach to social media advertising, you’ll be practicing the proven methods of attraction marketing. You’ll be one of the few who really understands how to use social media for business success. Given time and commitment to the process, magic will happen!

How To Improve Web Site Traffic and Blog Syndication through Tribe Social Networking

When you hear the words “tribe social networking“, does your mind instantly flash to an image of a group of warriers doing a mystical dance?

Well, it’s time for you to wake up and discover the greatest resource available for you to improve web site traffic, and develop a blog syndication plan. And yes, you guessed it – it’s called tribe social networking!

If you’re a parent you may have heard the phrase “it takes a village”. If you’re a blogger you’re about to learn that in our world, “it takes a tribe”.

Tribe social networking is a brilliant theory that perpetuates all that is good in our new world of cooperation and abundant thinking. No longer is it every man for himself, every person trying to step over the one in front of him to get ahead.

In our new world we recognize that we are surrounded by abundance and opportunity, and work together to share and spread the wealth. Sound like a Utopian sci-fi movie? Not!!! This is the here and now. It will not only help you to improve web site traffic and simplify blog syndication, but will also yield you some of the most amazing friends you’re likely to meet anywhere.

So, just what is tribe social networking?

Just as it sounds, it’s a tribe (group of like minded people) who band together for purposes of social networking and syndication of each others blog posts and other online material. Tribal members agree to work together to help others in the group to improve web site traffic and increase blog syndication.

The latest trend is to focus on promoting your tribe members one day each week, which has resulted in a hot new concept called Tribe Tuesday.

How to Build a Tribe Social Network – simple steps to success

Identify other online marketers who are in your niche and share the same values and goals.
Focus on helping them through blog syndication, commenting on their posts, retweeting their tweets, and interacting with them on social media sites. This will help you to get noticed by them.
Once you’ve developed a relationship and have added value, you can approach them with your request for a mutual tribe social networking agreement.
Some people form core groups of members who work together, others work with a variety of people who are not part of the core group.

How Will Involvement in a Tribe Social Network Help Improve Web Site Traffic?

Two main benefits here, leverage and social proof.


Rather than doing the work necessary for effective blog syndication yourself, you’ll have a group of people doing it for you. If they’re also involved in other tribes your content has the potential to be spread throughout the Internet at an exponential rate.

Social Proof

Would you pay more attention to a blog syndication from the author, or from a third party? Social proof is everything….enough said.

Word of Warning

You want to align yourself with leaders who add value to the lives of others. Remember, you’re personally referring your followers and readers to these people, so you want to work with the cream of the crop. Your reputation is on the line.

My Tribe

I invite you to check out my tribe page and get to know the very best bloggers on the planet! Trust me, if you stick with these incredible people your life will be enriched in more ways than you could dream possible!!!

How to Create Incredible Success Using Automatic Responder Email Marketing

If you’re not using automatic responder email marketing in your business, you’re missing the boat.

I guarantee that an autoresponder will change the way you do business forever. Here’s why.

Not only does automatic responder email software enable you to build a profitable mass email list, but it helps you to develop relationships and build trust with potential customers and business partners, all on autopilot. Here’s how it works:

You create some kind of offer for your website visitors, in exchange for their contact information. This may include things such as a free training series, a free report that would be of interest to your target market, a free subscription to your newsletter, etc. Notice the word Free!

You develop an automatic responder email marketing campaign. This is a series of emails that will be sent to your mass email list, each on a scheduled campaign day. Many campaigns are set to send the first email immediately, then one each day for several days. As time passes, emails are sent out less frequently but consistently.

Using your automatic responder email software, you create an opt in box that will be placed on your website. You can custom design this form to collect any type of information you want. Typically the visitor is required to enter their name and email address, at the very least. It’s important to note that visitors are more likely to opt in to your automatic responder email marketing campaign when they’re required to enter a minimal amount of information. The more information you request, the lower your conversion rates (the number of people who “opt in”) will be.

Email auto responders feature software that generates code for your opt in box. You simply copy this code into your webpage.

Depending on the type of automatic responder email marketing campaign you’re building, you may wish to send your visitors to a specific page (such as a thank you page) after they opt in. This can be customized.

If you’ve carefully created your free offer to be attractive to your target market, your website visitors will want to get what you’re giving away. They’ll enter their contact information into the opt in box that you’ve placed on your site, essentially giving you permission to add their information to your mass email list.

At this point the automatic responder email software will begin to work its magic. Your visitor will receive an instant email (assuming you’ve set up your campaign to send one) with valuable information, or will be automatically directed to a page that you’ve designated to receive the free information they requested.

Now that your visitor has been added to your mass email list you can legally and ethically continue to send them messages through your automatic responder email marketing system. Each message they receive through your campaign will offer them the choice to opt out of your mass email list. Those who choose to opt out will be automatically removed from the mailing list, and will not receive future scheduled emails.

Automatic responder email software products allow you to create unlimited numbers of unique campaigns, making it simple to target very specific markets and track the results you get from various groups of mailings.

Just imagine the possibilities for your business! Over time you can brand yourself as an expert in your field, someone your visitors will look up to and trust. As you continue to provide value through your automatic responder email marketing campaign, those on your mass email list will become loyal fans. And loyal fans become loyal customers!

Looking for a high quality automatic responder email software program? A very effective and affordable autoresponder I highly recommend is GetResponse. Seize the moment and get it out now, and begin to boost your sales!

In Part 3 of my Mass Email List series I’ll be showing you how to create a killer opt in box, customized and “pimped out” to grab your visitors attention and position yourself as a true leader.

How To Create a Direct Marketing Email List that will Pay You For the Rest of Time

A direct marketing email list is by far the most valuable asset you will ever have.

In fact, if you’re marketing products or services online and haven’t incorporated marketing email lists into your business, you’re missing out on an unimaginable amount of business. Is this you?

Don’t worry…I’m here to help you learn how you can create a direct marketing email list, and use this Free tool to promote your products or services to a large group of highly targeted consumers for the rest of time.

Marketing by email is free, it’s easy, and it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. It can also get you into a lot of trouble and leave you with a very bad reputation, if not done properly. When sending bulk email, online marketing “professionals” often cross a line that is unwelcome and usually rejected. We’re all aware of anti-spam laws that protect consumers from being placed on marketing email lists without their consent. These laws may make marketing by email more difficult, but in reality they will work in your favor.

Once you know how to effectively create a direct marketing email list of your own, you can begin marketing by email, setting yourself apart from other entrepreneurs who don’t understand the proper strategies.

Before developing a campaign to send bulk email, online marketing professionals first need to realize that this method is only legal and profitable if they have a direct marketing email list of people who have “opted in”. This term refers to those who have voluntarily supplied their contact information, usually a name and email address, to the person building the list.

This is often referred to as “permission marketing”, because in essence customers are giving marketers their permission to add their contact information to the marketing email lists, with an understanding that they may receive correspondence in the future as a result.

So, how do you convince people to give you their information, so you can add it to your direct marketing email list? It’s all about value! In order for consumers to give up their valuable information, you have to offer them something of tremendous value in exchange.

How do you figure out what to offer? Just follow this simple process:

Determine who you want to attract (your target market)
Brainstorm ideas for products, services, or information you have, that they would like to have.
Give your offering away for free, in exchange for the information you wish to get from them.
If your offer is good, they won’t want to pass it up. Once they provide their contact information in your “opt in” box, you will be at liberty to add it to your direct marketing email list.

This whole process makes marketing by email a very profitable activity for several reasons;

The contacts on your direct marketing email list have already received something of value from you for free.
When they receive future emails from you, they’re less likely to delete them before reading, because they know and trust you.
If you’ve created separate marketing email lists depending on your contacts’ interests, your efforts at marketing by email can be highly targeted
The rule of reciprocity, one of the laws of human nature, dictates that those who have received something from you will be more likely to give something to you. In this case, their business.

Always remember that it is in giving that we receive. Provide fantastic value, help others, and give. As a result, your direct marketing email list, and your business, will grow exponentially!

If you’re not using an autoresponder, I highly recommend GetResponse. It’s very user friendly, inexpensive, and effective.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this valuable email training series, where I’ll show you how to use an autoresponder to create success, and how to customize your opt in box. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, be sure to do so now, and you’ll be notified as soon as these posts are available 😉

How to Change Your Blog Header Image

If you’d like to customize the header image on your blog I’ve figured it out. It’s not that difficult once you have an understanding of the basic principles, but you need to make sure that you back everything up before you start messing around with your blog files! I’ve included the steps below but first will start with an explanation of the basics:

Your blog files have all been uploaded to your blog directory and can be viewed, downloaded, and replaced via an FTP program (I use Filezilla….details below).

I used a process in which I found the files I wanted to change, renamed them on the blog directory (from filename to filenameORIG), downloaded them to my computer, made the edits, and uploaded them with the original name (filename). That way if there was a problem I could always revert back to the original file.

There are 2 files that will be helpful to you. The first is the source code of your blog. This will show you the location of the image files and the css (cascading style sheet) file that are being used in your blog. The source code can be found by going to your blog and selecing the View tab, then Page Source

The css file determines the setup of your blog page, including font styles and colors, background colors, etc.

Your goal will be to identify the images that you want to replace, create new images with the exact same dimensions, rename the original images as imagenameORIG, and upload the new images as imagename.

The specific steps I used are listed below:

Go to your blog page
Under View tab, select Source
After the Title tags find the tag that begins with <link rel=”stylesheet”………Keep this window open and copy the link into a new browser window, the css file should open (it may ask you for permission to open Notepad – click Yes). In Notepad, select the Format tab and turn on Word Wrap
Find the Header information, and note the width and height of the header image. These are the dimensions you’ll want to use for your custom header.
Return to the original source code. After the body tag, locate the logo.png file and make note of the url – it will look like this: <img src=”http://your-blog-domain-name/wp-content/themes/your-name/images/logo.png” alt=”your-name.com” /></a>
Create your new header image, using the dimensions that appear in your current header image. Save as a .png image, named exactly the same as the current header.
If you don’t have an FTP program you’ll need one to upload your new header.
Use your FTP application to log in to your blog using the FTP login information you received via email with your blog login information
Open the wp-content folder, then navigate to your image
Rename the existing logo png image to something like logoOriginal – that way it will be saved in case you need to revert to it for any reason
Upload the new image, which should have the same filename that’s being used in your code.

I also created a new image for the background of my header area. This way the gradient from purple to light pink was spread across the whole page, rather than stopping at 960 pixels.

You can use the same strategy to edit your css file if you want to change your background color, font colors, etc. Just be sure to save the original files!!

How the Internet is Changing the History of Network Marketing

How You Can Profit in a Major Way

The history of network marketing is changing as we speak, and the timing is perfect for you to cash in!

Would you like to change your future for the better? Can you picture yourself being one of the limited few people who will actually seize the opportunity to create the life you deserve? If so, you’ll want to read this article. Some of the subjects covered include:

The benefits of Joining a multi level marketing company
The history of network marketing
The important role that the Internet will play in rescuing disillusioned people from all walks of life.
Why this industry will thrive in upcoming years

Benefits of Joining a Multi Level Marketing Company

Financial Freedom
Imagine for a minute having no financial worries, being able to live your life based on what you want rather than what you can afford, having the ability to help your loved ones financially.

How does that feel? If you’re dedicated and willing to work, this dream can become reality when you join a multi level marketing company and devote your energy to creating success.

Time Freedom
We all know that money isn’t everything. Many have achieved financial success, only to find themselves slaves to their jobs. What if you could create wealth without sacrificing all of your time? What if you had total control over your schedule, working only when you chose to? Would you spend more of your precious hours with family and friends, traveling, volunteering? The possibilities are endless….

Leave a Legacy
When you join a multi level marketing company, it can be handed down to your successors. If you knew that you could leave a legacy that would provide for your children and their children, would you have less worries? If you were able to teach your loved ones how to profit in any economy, would the future hold more hope?

Equal Opportunity
Throughout the history of network marketing, every single person has had the same opportunity for advancement. No matter what your sex, race, religion, etc. – you will be afforded the same chance to achieve success as everyone else.

Low Start up Costs As opposed to traditional business ownership, the cost of entry into a network marketing business is extremely low. This makes the dream of being your own boss and owning a profitable business a possibility for virtually anybody.

In fact I know of a woman who was living in her car when she joined a multi level marketing company, and proceeded to become a top earner in her company! If ever there was hope for those suffering the pains of poverty to rise beyond their circumstances and thrive, this is it.

Low Cost of Doing Business
The typical business expenses, including payroll, accounting, website development, rent, customer support, etc. are non-existent. Depending on the business you choose when you’re looking for a multi level marketing company, you may not even be required to purchase any inventory.

Personal Growth
When’s the last time your boss encouraged and helped you to work toward personal fulfillment? Whether you want to or not, you will evolve into a better and happier person, with a much better sense of yourself and your world, in a multi level marketing company. If this isn’t appealing to you, network marketing probably won’t be a good fit.

Incredible Relationships
Joining a multi level marketing company can be in some ways (the good ones…) like joining a family. You’ll be welcomed in a way that you may never have experienced in your life. You’ll be provided with the most amazing leadership available. And you’ll make quality friends who are like minded and share common beliefs and goals.

The History of Network Marketing

The history of network marketing dates back to the 1800s. During this time it became common place for companies to use door to door sales people to distribute their goods.

In the early 1900s Alfred Fuller started Fuller Brush, a name that has become synonymous with the concept of relationship marketing.

Frank Stanley Beveridge, a former vice president of the Fuller Brush Company, co founded Stanley Home Products in an effort to help others return to financial stability after the Great Depression. The vision was to provide a means for average people to own businesses with a low cost investment. This simple yet effective business approach has stood the test of time. It changed the history of network marketing and has become one of the pillar principles of the industry.

A multi level marketing company named Mary Kay (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), as well as Tupperware, Jafra Cosmetics, and Home Interiors were all conceived as a direct result of the success of the concept developed by the Fuller Brush Company. The founders of each of these companies all began their network marketing training with Fuller Brush.

The history of network marketing has undergone incredible growth and changes during the twenty first century. Technological advancements have leveled the playing field, and opened the doors of opportunity to the 98% of network marketers who historically have been unable to “make it” in this industry.

The important role that the Internet will play in rescuing disillusioned people from all walks of life.

The Internet is Changing the History of Network Marketing

The history of network marketing is changing as we speak, and the future is very bright. Online marketing has made it possible for average people to achieve above average success in a multi level marketing company.

Traditionally, only a handful of network marketers (about 2%) have been able to achieve their goals of achieving financial freedom in the industry. The majority of these top earners have been blessed with either very large social networks, or the type of charisma that practically guarantees success. We all know people like this, everything they touch turns to gold.

Success Has Come to Only a Few Select People – Here’s Why:

The other 98% have struggled along, often making small strides. We’ve been taught to reach out to our family and friends, because it’s a well known fact that people are most likely to do business with others they know, like, and trust.

The problem with that is that for many of us, our family and friends are perfectly content trading their time for dollars. They are placated by the false sense of security they feel by having a regular paycheck, guaranteed vacation pay, and company paid insurance. They’re not looking for a change. And, whether they care to admit it or not, they’re scared to death to move out of their comfort zones to do something that could be truly remarkable.

Here lies the problem. Throughout the history of network marketing, relationships have been key. People don’t join businesses with others that they have no relationship with. Yet, many of our everyday relationships are with people who don’t necessarily share our vision, courage, or determination to create the lives we all want and deserve.

The story that plays out all too often goes something like this:

A person joins a multi level marketing company, encouraged and excited about the products, the company, and the opportunity.
He or she approaches family and friends with enthusiasm, sure that they’ll see the incredible potential and become business partners right away.
Rather than acceptance and appreciation, the network marketer is met with resistance, discouraging remarks from family and friends, and rejection.
Eventually, the initial excitement and belief turn to doubt, insecurity, and hopelessness. Fear takes over, and it seems as if it was all just a big mistake. Quitting seems like the best option.

This old way of doing business, which for many has led to disillusionment, is about to meet its match, thanks to the Internet.

How Can the Internet Help?

The last few years have brought about an entirely new form of relationship building, all as a result of social networking. Three of the top 10 websites in the world are social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

What does this mean to the history of network marketing? Everything! Here’s why:

Do you think the Internet is impersonal? Think again! These sites are bringing like-minded people together in a way that has never before been possible.

Geographical location is no longer an issue. With a whole world full of potential friends, finding others with common goals and interests is only a click away. Relationships are formed easily and quickly. All parties may be coming from different places geographically, but they’re coming from the same place emotionally.

Advanced options within social media sites make it simple to locate others on the same wave length. Once a connection is established and a friendship is formed, the foundation has been laid to open the door to potential business relationships.

The key here is to be genuine, authentic, and to give of yourself. If you’re just looking to use people you will fail!

In addition to forming relationships through social media, blogging is an incredibly powerful way to connect with others who will look up to you as a leader, motivator, or mentor. This is, of course, assuming that you are a leader, motivator, or a mentor and are able to communicate this through the valuable content that you post for your readers.

Why this Industry will Thrive In Upcoming Years

Never before in the history of network marketing have so many factors converged:

We’ve lost faith in Corporate America and more and more of us are realizing that we are responsible for our own futures.
Retirement funds have suffered devastating losses, bringing many retirees and soon to be retirees to a point where they need to make extra income.
As unemployment rises, traditional full and part time jobs are almost impossible to find.
Society is waking up to the fact that time freedom is essential to happiness, and many are unwilling to devote 60 plus hours each week to work, at the expense of time with their family and friends.
The Internet has broken down many of the barriers that have hindered many throughout the history of network marketing.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have joined forces to teach the general public that we need to be proactive about our financial futures. They advocate network marketing as the most effective way for average people to become millionaires. Do you think they might know a thing or two about creating wealth?

The timing is right, the tools are in place, and the future is bright. Now it’s up to you to seize the opportunity and take action.

Free Network Marketing Lead Generation Technique

If you’re in the network marketing industry and are searching for free network marketing lead generation strategies, then read on…

Like so many in the industry I have great confidence in MLM and the opportunities it offers for average people to create above average abundance and prosperity. I’ve spent years following the advice of my upline without any real success. After a while it became obvious that for me, prospecting my warm market, inviting others to meetings and phone conferences, using the “3 foot rule” to approach strangers about my business, etc. was not my path to freedom.

As I learned about the law of attraction I began to realize that I was focusing my efforts on people who weren’t interested in what I had to offer – not exactly the best way to build my business! I knew there were millions of people looking for the kind of help I could give them…mentoring, leadership, and skills that they could use to create a better life. It soon struck me that Internet multi level marketing strategies were the best methods for me to use to attract others who were searching for me. After all, the Internet is the medium most used by people who are looking for information, right?

Since starting on this journey I’ve learned many free network marketing lead generation strategies that are both simple and effective. The easiest and fastest to implement is that of article marketing. As long as you’re writing about something that you’re knowledgeable about articles are easy to write. Article directories are always searching for good content to post, and there is no charge. It’s a total win-win situation!

There are many article directories but the most popular one is Ezine. This site is among the top 500 visited sites worldwide, and provides great exposure. If you haven’t submitted articles here you can sign up for a free account, log in to your account, and complete the fields required to request that your article be posted.

Articles that are self-promoting are usually rejected, as the article directories want to provide valuable content to their readers – not obvious sales ads for their authors. So, how can this medium provide free network marketing lead generation? It’s all about the Author’s box.

The Author’s box provides Internet multi level marketing experts a place to promote themselves and their businesses. Most directories allow authors to include up to two links in their Author’s box. This is where you’ll have the chance to send readers to a site that will provide free network marketing lead capture.

There are several things you’ll want to keep in mind that will bring a good number of visitors to your article and a good number of those readers to your website:

Keyword research is imperative. The better your keywords are, the more exposure your article will receive.
Again, quality is king. Not only will good quality of information determine your acceptance into a directory, but when readers enjoy your content they will be more likely to click on your links.
If your Author box has a call to action, offers something free to readers, or links to a site that will be of value to your readers, your click through rate will be good.

Once you have this free network marketing lead generation technique under your belt, you’ll have the chance to write an endless number of articles. This is a great way to begin on the path to profitable Internet multi level marketing .

Finally, an Affiliate Internet Marketing Program That “Shows You the Money”

If you’ve been searching for a unique affiliate internet marketing program, one that offers you much more than a commission on your sales, you’re in the right place my friend!

I’m going to show you how you can increase your revenues by double, quardruple, or even 10-20 times what you’d typically receive working typical affiliate marketing jobs!

Historically, affiliate marketing jobs have offered their advertisers a percentage of gross sales each time a product is sold. Most of the larger companies, Clickbank for example, offer hundreds if not thousands of products. A customer may purchase 1 of their products from you and another from someone else. You will each receive a commission on the sale you personally made.

But what if all future sales made by that customer were commissioned to you? And what if you could capture that customer’s information into your own personal list, enabling you to essentially brand yourself? With the right tools do you think you could develop a relationship of trust, and become a valued resource to that customer for the rest of time?

Just imagine the sheer power of an affiliate internet marketing program that offered all this…

Now, let’s take it a step further. What if you’re in the network marketing industry, or are looking into joining an mlm company and your goal is to build a large downline? If you were part of an affiliate internet marketing program that provided proven online marketing training and tools in their product line, do you think you might attract potential business partners to you?

Well…..yeah! Just imagine how much more money you could make with this new type of affiliate internet marketing program. I’m living proof of how this works:

I was struggling to make money in my network marketing business, until I realized the problem was I wasn’t using effective attraction marketing techniques. Basically I was using the old school methods of selling to my warm market, cold calling leads, etc… As soon as I realized there were millions of people out there looking for what I had to offer, I started researching Internet marketing techniques. After all, isn’t that where people go to find what they’re looking for?

After spending a lot of time and some money researching Internet marketing “gurus” I came across a young man named Jonathan Budd. His system (more on that in another post) made an incredible amount of sense, and I joined him in business. What I didn’t realize until later, though, was the incredible value that came as part of my partnership with this young, handsome genius!

The system itself is an absolute money maker. But within the system lies the very best affiliate internet marketing program I’ve seen anywhere!

What makes this an incredible affiliate internet marketing program is that it’s chock full of highly targeted products. Products that your customers will need. Products that your system will teach them to use to create their own success.

And, repeat purchases made by your customers will be commissionable to you, as the initial service provider.

As you position yourself as a leader and mentor, through continued communication with your customers (remember the list?) they’ll begin to look up to you. The smart ones may even choose to partner with you in your business. After all, who makes a better leader, a relative that’s trying to “talk them into” joining a business, or a proven leader and mentor who can offer effective, proven strategies and systems? It may often be said that blood is thicker than water but remember; the quickest way to ruin a friendship or family tie is to mix it with business.

So if your uncle Joe wants to show you his new business venture, politely point him to your affiliate links and find a true leader that can teach and mentor you to ultimate success.

To learn more about this profitable affiliate internet marketing program, take a test drive of the MLM Mastermind System. Details can be found on my Recommended Resources page.