How the Internet is Changing the History of Network Marketing

How You Can Profit in a Major Way

The history of network marketing is changing as we speak, and the timing is perfect for you to cash in!

Would you like to change your future for the better? Can you picture yourself being one of the limited few people who will actually seize the opportunity to create the life you deserve? If so, you’ll want to read this article. Some of the subjects covered include:

The benefits of Joining a multi level marketing company
The history of network marketing
The important role that the Internet will play in rescuing disillusioned people from all walks of life.
Why this industry will thrive in upcoming years

Benefits of Joining a Multi Level Marketing Company

Financial Freedom
Imagine for a minute having no financial worries, being able to live your life based on what you want rather than what you can afford, having the ability to help your loved ones financially.

How does that feel? If you’re dedicated and willing to work, this dream can become reality when you join a multi level marketing company and devote your energy to creating success.

Time Freedom
We all know that money isn’t everything. Many have achieved financial success, only to find themselves slaves to their jobs. What if you could create wealth without sacrificing all of your time? What if you had total control over your schedule, working only when you chose to? Would you spend more of your precious hours with family and friends, traveling, volunteering? The possibilities are endless….

Leave a Legacy
When you join a multi level marketing company, it can be handed down to your successors. If you knew that you could leave a legacy that would provide for your children and their children, would you have less worries? If you were able to teach your loved ones how to profit in any economy, would the future hold more hope?

Equal Opportunity
Throughout the history of network marketing, every single person has had the same opportunity for advancement. No matter what your sex, race, religion, etc. – you will be afforded the same chance to achieve success as everyone else.

Low Start up Costs As opposed to traditional business ownership, the cost of entry into a network marketing business is extremely low. This makes the dream of being your own boss and owning a profitable business a possibility for virtually anybody.

In fact I know of a woman who was living in her car when she joined a multi level marketing company, and proceeded to become a top earner in her company! If ever there was hope for those suffering the pains of poverty to rise beyond their circumstances and thrive, this is it.

Low Cost of Doing Business
The typical business expenses, including payroll, accounting, website development, rent, customer support, etc. are non-existent. Depending on the business you choose when you’re looking for a multi level marketing company, you may not even be required to purchase any inventory.

Personal Growth
When’s the last time your boss encouraged and helped you to work toward personal fulfillment? Whether you want to or not, you will evolve into a better and happier person, with a much better sense of yourself and your world, in a multi level marketing company. If this isn’t appealing to you, network marketing probably won’t be a good fit.

Incredible Relationships
Joining a multi level marketing company can be in some ways (the good ones…) like joining a family. You’ll be welcomed in a way that you may never have experienced in your life. You’ll be provided with the most amazing leadership available. And you’ll make quality friends who are like minded and share common beliefs and goals.

The History of Network Marketing

The history of network marketing dates back to the 1800s. During this time it became common place for companies to use door to door sales people to distribute their goods.

In the early 1900s Alfred Fuller started Fuller Brush, a name that has become synonymous with the concept of relationship marketing.

Frank Stanley Beveridge, a former vice president of the Fuller Brush Company, co founded Stanley Home Products in an effort to help others return to financial stability after the Great Depression. The vision was to provide a means for average people to own businesses with a low cost investment. This simple yet effective business approach has stood the test of time. It changed the history of network marketing and has become one of the pillar principles of the industry.

A multi level marketing company named Mary Kay (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), as well as Tupperware, Jafra Cosmetics, and Home Interiors were all conceived as a direct result of the success of the concept developed by the Fuller Brush Company. The founders of each of these companies all began their network marketing training with Fuller Brush.

The history of network marketing has undergone incredible growth and changes during the twenty first century. Technological advancements have leveled the playing field, and opened the doors of opportunity to the 98% of network marketers who historically have been unable to “make it” in this industry.

The important role that the Internet will play in rescuing disillusioned people from all walks of life.

The Internet is Changing the History of Network Marketing

The history of network marketing is changing as we speak, and the future is very bright. Online marketing has made it possible for average people to achieve above average success in a multi level marketing company.

Traditionally, only a handful of network marketers (about 2%) have been able to achieve their goals of achieving financial freedom in the industry. The majority of these top earners have been blessed with either very large social networks, or the type of charisma that practically guarantees success. We all know people like this, everything they touch turns to gold.

Success Has Come to Only a Few Select People – Here’s Why:

The other 98% have struggled along, often making small strides. We’ve been taught to reach out to our family and friends, because it’s a well known fact that people are most likely to do business with others they know, like, and trust.

The problem with that is that for many of us, our family and friends are perfectly content trading their time for dollars. They are placated by the false sense of security they feel by having a regular paycheck, guaranteed vacation pay, and company paid insurance. They’re not looking for a change. And, whether they care to admit it or not, they’re scared to death to move out of their comfort zones to do something that could be truly remarkable.

Here lies the problem. Throughout the history of network marketing, relationships have been key. People don’t join businesses with others that they have no relationship with. Yet, many of our everyday relationships are with people who don’t necessarily share our vision, courage, or determination to create the lives we all want and deserve.

The story that plays out all too often goes something like this:

A person joins a multi level marketing company, encouraged and excited about the products, the company, and the opportunity.
He or she approaches family and friends with enthusiasm, sure that they’ll see the incredible potential and become business partners right away.
Rather than acceptance and appreciation, the network marketer is met with resistance, discouraging remarks from family and friends, and rejection.
Eventually, the initial excitement and belief turn to doubt, insecurity, and hopelessness. Fear takes over, and it seems as if it was all just a big mistake. Quitting seems like the best option.

This old way of doing business, which for many has led to disillusionment, is about to meet its match, thanks to the Internet.

How Can the Internet Help?

The last few years have brought about an entirely new form of relationship building, all as a result of social networking. Three of the top 10 websites in the world are social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

What does this mean to the history of network marketing? Everything! Here’s why:

Do you think the Internet is impersonal? Think again! These sites are bringing like-minded people together in a way that has never before been possible.

Geographical location is no longer an issue. With a whole world full of potential friends, finding others with common goals and interests is only a click away. Relationships are formed easily and quickly. All parties may be coming from different places geographically, but they’re coming from the same place emotionally.

Advanced options within social media sites make it simple to locate others on the same wave length. Once a connection is established and a friendship is formed, the foundation has been laid to open the door to potential business relationships.

The key here is to be genuine, authentic, and to give of yourself. If you’re just looking to use people you will fail!

In addition to forming relationships through social media, blogging is an incredibly powerful way to connect with others who will look up to you as a leader, motivator, or mentor. This is, of course, assuming that you are a leader, motivator, or a mentor and are able to communicate this through the valuable content that you post for your readers.

Why this Industry will Thrive In Upcoming Years

Never before in the history of network marketing have so many factors converged:

We’ve lost faith in Corporate America and more and more of us are realizing that we are responsible for our own futures.
Retirement funds have suffered devastating losses, bringing many retirees and soon to be retirees to a point where they need to make extra income.
As unemployment rises, traditional full and part time jobs are almost impossible to find.
Society is waking up to the fact that time freedom is essential to happiness, and many are unwilling to devote 60 plus hours each week to work, at the expense of time with their family and friends.
The Internet has broken down many of the barriers that have hindered many throughout the history of network marketing.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have joined forces to teach the general public that we need to be proactive about our financial futures. They advocate network marketing as the most effective way for average people to become millionaires. Do you think they might know a thing or two about creating wealth?

The timing is right, the tools are in place, and the future is bright. Now it’s up to you to seize the opportunity and take action.

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