How to Create Incredible Success Using Automatic Responder Email Marketing

If you’re not using automatic responder email marketing in your business, you’re missing the boat.

I guarantee that an autoresponder will change the way you do business forever. Here’s why.

Not only does automatic responder email software enable you to build a profitable mass email list, but it helps you to develop relationships and build trust with potential customers and business partners, all on autopilot. Here’s how it works:

You create some kind of offer for your website visitors, in exchange for their contact information. This may include things such as a free training series, a free report that would be of interest to your target market, a free subscription to your newsletter, etc. Notice the word Free!

You develop an automatic responder email marketing campaign. This is a series of emails that will be sent to your mass email list, each on a scheduled campaign day. Many campaigns are set to send the first email immediately, then one each day for several days. As time passes, emails are sent out less frequently but consistently.

Using your automatic responder email software, you create an opt in box that will be placed on your website. You can custom design this form to collect any type of information you want. Typically the visitor is required to enter their name and email address, at the very least. It’s important to note that visitors are more likely to opt in to your automatic responder email marketing campaign when they’re required to enter a minimal amount of information. The more information you request, the lower your conversion rates (the number of people who “opt in”) will be.

Email auto responders feature software that generates code for your opt in box. You simply copy this code into your webpage.

Depending on the type of automatic responder email marketing campaign you’re building, you may wish to send your visitors to a specific page (such as a thank you page) after they opt in. This can be customized.

If you’ve carefully created your free offer to be attractive to your target market, your website visitors will want to get what you’re giving away. They’ll enter their contact information into the opt in box that you’ve placed on your site, essentially giving you permission to add their information to your mass email list.

At this point the automatic responder email software will begin to work its magic. Your visitor will receive an instant email (assuming you’ve set up your campaign to send one) with valuable information, or will be automatically directed to a page that you’ve designated to receive the free information they requested.

Now that your visitor has been added to your mass email list you can legally and ethically continue to send them messages through your automatic responder email marketing system. Each message they receive through your campaign will offer them the choice to opt out of your mass email list. Those who choose to opt out will be automatically removed from the mailing list, and will not receive future scheduled emails.

Automatic responder email software products allow you to create unlimited numbers of unique campaigns, making it simple to target very specific markets and track the results you get from various groups of mailings.

Just imagine the possibilities for your business! Over time you can brand yourself as an expert in your field, someone your visitors will look up to and trust. As you continue to provide value through your automatic responder email marketing campaign, those on your mass email list will become loyal fans. And loyal fans become loyal customers!

Looking for a high quality automatic responder email software program? A very effective and affordable autoresponder I highly recommend is GetResponse. Seize the moment and get it out now, and begin to boost your sales!

In Part 3 of my Mass Email List series I’ll be showing you how to create a killer opt in box, customized and “pimped out” to grab your visitors attention and position yourself as a true leader.

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