How to Use Social Media for Business Success

I recently met someone on Twitter that had just started tweeting, and didn’t really “get it”. She had heard that Twitter was a great marketing tool but didn’t know how to use social media for business success. After I helped her out she suggested I share the info with others – so here it is.

These theories can be applied not only to Twitter but to any of the social media sites, the most popular being Twitter and Facebook.

We all know that successful businesses are built on relationships. Rather than forming relationships with people that they meet face to face, online marketers learn how to use social media for business purposes. They focus on meeting and interacting with others through befriending them online, opening the doors for future (and subtle) social media advertising.

This method has become incredibly popular and effective. Not only does it afford business owners a method to contact massive numbers of people, but it also offers the opportunity to reach out to a targeted market. And social media advertising is free!

The concept is based on forming relationships, which is where the majority of marketers go wrong. Rather than befriend others, they embark on annoying social media advertising campaigns before even attempting to get to know others – basically spamming massive numbers of people in the hopes of attracting a small percentage (more on this in “What is Twitter Spam, and Why are So Many Tweeters Using It?) Anyways…this is NOT how to use social media for business success!

So, my new Twitter friend basically wanted to know how to meet people on Twitter and ultimately use social media advertising to draw them to her opportunity or products. She’s in Arbonne, which is a health and wellness company that offers a large line of botanically based products, including anti aging skin care. Based on her situation and the fact that team building was her top priority, these are the suggestions I gave her on how to use social media for business (using Twitter as an example):

Create a personalized Twitter page, using words such as work from home, network marketing and Arbonne in her bio and providing a link to her Arbonne website (a blog is a better choice, but she didn’t have one).

Use software that will automatically follow new Tweeters who follow her, and include a personalized message.

Identify her target market – for example women who would make good candidates as business partners.

Begin to follow others who are in her target market group. One way of doing this is to identify a Tweeter that is likely to attract these people (one who already knows how to use social media for business, for example an internet marketing guru), and follow their followers. Another method is to use a website that enables her to follow others based on a list of 3 keywords. In the beginning the recommended number of people to add to a follow list is around 100 per day (increase as the following grows).

Include a friendly, introductory message with her friend requests. Most people, those who haven’t learned how to use social media for business success, haven’t figured out this one crucial step that must be taken for effective social media advertising.

Many will follow her back. Those who do not can be deleted once or twice a week.

As her list of followers continues to grow, she’ll begin to receive a lot of spam, which should be disregarded. There will also be followers who will indicate common interests or a desire for something she can offer. These are the people who will be candidates for social media advertising – but not until there’s a relationship.

Have I said never spam? Never spam. Identify followers who may be open to developing an online friendship, and begin to get to know them. Check out the links they have on their home pages, and they will do the same for you.

The best place to send others to is your blog. Here they can really get to know the real you and will realize that you’re a leader who has a great deal of value to offer. If you don’t have a blog the second best choice is your business website.

By using this friendly, non-intrusive approach to social media advertising, you’ll be practicing the proven methods of attraction marketing. You’ll be one of the few who really understands how to use social media for business success. Given time and commitment to the process, magic will happen!

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