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    Does Black Hat Social media exist?



    Yes. I can explain it with an example of Black Hat Social Media and that’s a YouTube false flagging attack. I have a YouTube channel devoted to community events — local high school football games, Freedom Fest 4th of July celebration, Christmas parade, community theater, etc. In late June, someone launched an attack on a video of the local high school band playing the Star Spangled Banner. In less than a minute at 5:17 am on a Friday morning, that video had three strikes for violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines and the entire channel of 60+ videos was taken down. I appealed and YouTube restored the channel in 24 hours and removed the strikes in 48 hours. However while the channel was down the website associated with the videos had empty screens where those videos used to be and those screens said something about videos being removed for violation of community guidelines. This would have been devastating for a business website.

    I suspect that such attacks will become more common and will be launched against other social media pages and profiles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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