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    “I have been conducting a social media experiment for many years. I purposely do not want many followers or a great amount of links…contrary to conventional marketing “”wisdom””.

    I want to judge the quantity vs. quality idea. And this is what I found so far.

    (1) People, in general, are swayed by popularity, not authority. Popularity is perceived authority.

    (2) True subject authorities don’t necessarily make time for social media marketing. They have more important work to do…such as continuing to be an authority on a topic or topic(s).

    (3) It does not take a large amount of links to outperform ranking “”giants.”” To this day, I still observe the 25 links from reputable sites outperform the site with millions of links.

    (4) Social media wise, I’m seeing popularity being rewarded more than authority. In other words, blowhards can make an impact, but not as big of one without link development.

    Link development is about getting a good quantity of high quality links. It’s really hard to communicate to people to not fall for perceived authority.

    What do you think?”



    I would agree with all of that, especially the “popularity is perceived authority.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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