Why Automated Marketing Systems Kick

Automated marketing systems are bringing about a total shift in the way Internet marketing for online business is being handled, and it totally rocks!

Never in history have lead generation marketing and product sales been so simple and effective. This will ultimately change the face of the network marketing industry and yes, it kicks butt!

Presently, less than 1% of mlm representatives are using automated marketing systems. While millions of despondent reps are dropping out of the industry like flies, the few that have become proficient using marketing information systems are flourishing, blowing past their uplines with exceptional ease.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating any type of “get rich quick” plan, because there’s no such thing. Automated marketing systems must be mastered, which requires quite a bit of time and effort. Once the initial learning curve is behind you though, lead generation marketing and automated sales become highly profitable and effective.

Automated Marketing Systems, defined

Automated marketing systems, as it relates to the home business industry, offer a “business in a box” approach to operating an mlm business.

Personally, I’ve been in the network marketing industry for several years, and had become frustrated, depressed, and humiliated by my exceptionally poor results. People were getting sick of listening to me talk about my products and business opportunity, and I was getting sick of them being sick of me. Still, I plugged on – always believing in my eminent success.

Problem was that no matter what business I chose to operate, I was continually being taught the same ineffective methods for lead generation marketing and product sales. I never felt comfortable “pitching” my family and friends; it was like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

Finally I decided to stop the insanity (you know, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results) – and analyzed my situation. I realized a few things;

There were millions if not billions of people who were searching for a way to improve their dismal financial circumstances
What I had to offer – low cost, low risk business with great income potential – was the key that would unlock the prison doors for many of these people
These would-be entrepreneurs were going online to find solutions

I started to research different methods to connect with these people who were looking for me. This is where I discovered the beauty of automated marketing systems.

I spent a considerable amount of time and money looking at various automated marketing systems and comparing what each had to offer. Finally I found what I consider to be the best Internet marketing system in the world, and have begun to use it with great success. This “business in a box” approach, created by Mr. Jonathan Budd, delivers much more value, functionality, and income opportunity than any of the other automated marketing systems on the Internet. Some of the features of the system include:

Lead capture and sales web pages – ready to be customized with your personal information
Personal branding – the ultimate automated marketing systems, once fully customized, will brand the user rather than the person who created the system
Software and tools – will help you drive traffic to your sites
Freebies – items of very high value, provided for you to give away to your website visitors in return for their names and email addresses
Email Campaigns – professionally written messages created to be used in autoresponder campaigns, to develop ongoing relationships with subscribers
Complete, ongoing training – videos, webinars, conference calls, and archives of past trainings
Community forums – members communicate and form alliances that often become mutually beneficial business partnerships
Lead generation marketing database – many automated marketing systems capture leads for the system manager; one thing that makes the MLM program the best internet marketing system is that it delivers lead generation marketing results (the names and information of people who have opted in) to you, the affiliate
Support – customer support is readily available, and member forums are a great place to seek solutions
Tracking statistics – returning visitor stats for each campaign being run
Test Drive – others can test drive the system for a full week
An affiliate marketing program – designed to return profits, whether your lead generation marketing results in new business recruits or not

This last item can be priceless, and is based on an idea called the “reverse funnel approach”. This is how it works:

Article marketing, social media sites, or websites are used to attract visitors to the automated marketing systems. Due to the customizable nature of the marketing information systems and lead capture sites being used, these will be highly targeted candidates (people who are interested in using the Internet to work from home) or potential customers.

The automated marketing systems capture page will offer incredibly valuable “freebies”, in return for their name and email information. If you’d like, you can request additional information such as phone number. The goal is to provide free strategies so your visitors can begin using internet marketing for online business, or learn some effective strategies that they can use once they become affiliated with an mlm company. The MLM Mastermind system provides not only the lead capture pages for you to use and customize, but also valuable freebies that you can offer to your visitors.

The visitor’s information is captured and provided to you via an autoresponder (a mandatory tool used for all automated marketing systems). The autoresponder will continue to send information to your visitor on auto-pilot. Using this technique, you’ll build a large list of potential business partners and customers over time.

Essentially you’ve completed a highly targeted lead generation marketing campaign. Every person who has opted in to receive your information is a potential business partner!

Now, for the pure genius of the “reverse funnel approach”. From the list of leads you’ve collected, there may be only a small percentage of people who’ll be interested in joining your business. BUT, a large percentage of them will purchase products from your affiliate marketing program. Some may even join the system, which will pay you residual dollars for as long as they are enrolled.

In conclusion, automated marketing systems provide lead generation marketing strategies, training techniques that will help you to succeed in internet marketing for online business, and affiliate commissions – even on leads that don’t partner with you in business. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

If you’d like to test drive the system for a full week you can get it here. And please let me know how I can help you to create the life of your dreams!.

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